Viralbuzz 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope - Plum:Viralbuzz
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3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope - Plum:Viralbuzz

3M Published in October 19, 2018, 9:06 am
 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope - Plum:Viralbuzz

3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope - Plum:Viralbuzz

Price:£125.00 - £583.66

Jo Reply to on 22 February 2016
As a nurse training for advanced practice I was nervous about buying a stethoscope, initially I bought one which said basic nursing however quickly realised the sound quality was only good even for BP monitoring
This stethoscope is excellent and comfortable in the ears
Sound quality is excellent good for novice and expert alike
JC KINGSWOOD Reply to on 15 May 2016
Superb stethoscope. Accoustics excellent. The quality and utility reflects the years they have been refining the design.
I previously had a fancy electronic strhoscope - which was a definite step up from my basic one. But after 8 years that wore out, the accoustics affected by electrical interference etc. This one is just as good as my electronic one was in its heyday, mechanically simpler and cheaper.
I would recommend it to anyone at any level.
charlotte Reply to on 1 December 2015
My last one lasted 15+ years and only needed replacing due to a broken rim which couldn't be replaced. The rainbow colouring is subtle enough to look professional but nice for a female doctor. I am a GP, but once you have had a cardiology stethoscope, nothing less will do!
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer Reply to on 7 July 2015
I have used a basic Littmann stethoscope for years. This one is heavier, but I can use on both adults and children for both heart and lungs. It was easy to learn how to do this. The first person I listened to had a heart murmur!
little voice
little voice Reply to on 12 December 2013
This is a very good steth. Can really hear the difference from my old non-cardiology littmann. Think they have made the diaphragm lighter than previous similar models so you don't get a fractured sternum from it bashing you when running to a cardiac arrest!
janeymak Reply to on 21 November 2015
I have just started my training as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Cardiology and I have found this stethoscope very good and helpful in hearing heart sounds and murmurs. I recommend it.
BJD Reply to on 28 April 2016
The best stethoscope currently that you can buy, what more can you say. Everything about this stethoscope is top class
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 26 January 2016
I spent a bit of time researching stethoscopes and found this to be one of the best. I can honestly say that I wasn't disappointed. As a paramedic I needed a stethoscope with great acoustics as I work in different environments and the cardiology III doesn't disappoint. Highly recommended.
ES Reply to on 4 November 2013
in a very appealing colour combination. Very good acoustics as usual. However bear in mind that this product is rapidly becoming popular, so if you hope to stand out from the other doctors with your copper stethoscope, forget it! :)
Bibliophile without Borders
Bibliophile without Borders Reply to on 31 March 2014
purchased for my daughter and worth every single cent. this is the "Mercedes Benz" of cardiology stethoscopes and a superior product that will give years of use. I highly recommend this for people in the medical field.
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